Preparing For Natural Disasters


A natural disaster will strike without warning.  If you look at the events happing all around the world it can be startling to see that the Earth is starting to turn against us.  As a result, needing emergency response criteria in place is more of a necessity than ever before.  To help with these needs follow the proved checklist.

emergency response

Food and water

To ensure our survival it is vital that we have food and water.  It is suggested that each person have enough food and water to last at least a week.  If you are a single person that doesn’t have anyone to support, then make sure you have enough for at least two weeks.

When you gather your supplies make sure that they are easily accessible and able to move.  When being presented with a disaster you may only have a few minutes to gather your stuff and leave.  Every second counts in an emergency.  Don’t waste them by not being prepared.

Have a meeting point

When presented with an emergency people may have to go different directions or leave at different times.  When this happens people will become separated and cut off from others.  This is why you need to have a specific meeting place or point of contact that you will all coordinate with.  This can be a relative that is out of state or a friend that you will all travel to.  Since this person will not have issues with their resources everyone can contact them and communicate their locations and their actions. 

Don’t panic

When an emergency happens the first instinct we will have is to run, cry and panic.  This is something that you need to fight and work though.  If you keep a level head, you are able to take a moment to look around and really take in the situation.  As a result, you can make more informed and logical decisions.