Tips For Getting The Perfect View From Your Office


When we work for a company or in a large building, we will tend to get our own office.  From this office we will have some windows that will allow us to see the world around us.  From time to time however, these windows will become dirty and unsightly.  When this happens, it will be important to hire commercial window cleaning lake bluff il to come in and return our view to its former glory.

When hiring a window cleaning company make sure that they are skilled, licensed and insured.  Depending on the type of building that you are in the workers may need to be on ladders, scaffolding or other equipment that will allow them to scale the building in a way to get to the windows.

If they are not licensed, insured and bonded, accidents may happen and they could fall and hurt themselves, drop something on someone else or worse.  This is why it is very important to vet and ensure that you hire professional companies.

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Set a schedule

When it comes to cleaning windows, they typically don’t have to done every day.  In fact, depending on the size of the building they may not need to be cleaned but once a year.  For multi-story buildings or buildings in major cities however, cleaning the windows could be a daily process since the entire job will take six months to one year to complete.

Keep your side of the windows clean

When it comes to window washers, they will typically clean the windows form the outside and have a special team of cleaners come in and do the inside.  If you are an employee in one of these buildings, it would be a good idea to clean your side of the windows every week or so to ensure that you have the best view possible.  Using some Windex and paper towel can do a good job.  However, soapy water and a squeegee will also do wonders.